The Future of Documentary Publishing

Saturday, August 5 – 1:45 – 3:15 P.M.
Marta Rodríguez – CCBorges-UNTREF
Coordinador: Deane Williams, Monash University (Australia)

1. Kristen Fuhs, Woodbury University (USA),
“Docalogue and the ‘Intermediate’ Spaces of Documentary Publishing”.
2. Chris Cagle, Temple University (USA),
“Twitter and Internet Cinephile Documentary Criticism”.
3. Joshua Malitsky, Indiana University (USA),
“Documentary/Nonfiction Publications and the Visible Evidence Online Forum”.
4. Fernão Pessoa Ramos, State University of Campinas (Brazil) & Javier Campo, UNICEN-CONICET (Argentina),
“Documentary Publishing in South America”.
5. Deane Williams, Monash University (Australia),
“International Documentary Publishing in the Transnational Era”.