Behind the interface: assessing technological implications in expanded documentary practices

Thursday, August 3 – 9:00 – 10:30 A.M.
Fernando Birri – CCBorges-UNTREF
Chair: Franziska Weidle, Göttingen University (Germany)

Helen Gaynor,
“Exploring the design of interactive documentary interdisciplinarily”.
Franziska Weidle, Göttingen University (Germany),
“Disruptions in Knowledge Making: An Authoring Tool as Co-teacher”.
Hannah Brasier, RMIT University (Australia),
“What does Vine See? A project-based account of how a technology makes a documentary”.
Kim Munro, RMIT University (Australia),
“De-authoring the documentary: experiments in teaching participatory documentary making”.
Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, WOW Festival (Australia),
“Expanded Documentary and Multiscreen installation (works)”.
Pauline Anastasiou, RMIT University (Australia),
“Mobile Phones”.