Utopia/Dystopia and Social Change: Politics, the Environment and Documentary Form

Thursday, August 3 – 9:00 – 10:30 A.M.
Margot Benacerraf – Alianza Francesa
Chair: Elizabeth Miller, Concordia University, Montreal (Canada)

1. Kathleen Vernon, Stony Brook University (USA),
“Songs without Borders? Music Documentary and the Limits of Utopia in the Films of Javier Corcuera”.
2. Adrián Pérez-Melgosa, Stony Brook University (USA),
“Of Bricolage and Utopia: Documenting the Margins of Political Struggle in Aldo Garay’s Films”.
3. David I. Tafler, Muhlenberg College (USA),
“Human agency and media effects: Mobilizing Somatic Performative documentary to combat climate change”.